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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Good morning all. What a beautiful week we have had. Harvest is in full swing here in the mid-west, and the dry weather has been a blessing. Plenty of sunshine and dry weather have helped make the beginning of harvest get into full swing quickley. But all this busyness has made me wonder if I'm the only one who feels like their Sunday is getting away from them.

Sunday's used to be that day when everything slowed down. Families would get up, go to church, have family over for dinner, and spend the day doing as little as possible. But all that has changed. Of course we all know that all the stores are open on Sunday now. And that most of us work a six day work week, and that Sunday is usually the only day we have to get our shopping done, catch up on laundry and get everything put back in order, so we get up and start the work week all over again on Monday. But, I don't like this. It's Sunday! Things should be moving slow, right?

I started thinking about this off and on a few months ago. I was all ready for church, and the whole day started falling apart. Just as I was ready to leave, the sheep and the horses got out. Then just as I got them put back in, my husband called and said he needed help down at the other farm. He promised that it would only take a few minutes, I wouldn't get dirty, and that I could still make it to church. Right!!! The "few minutes" turned into three hours, and I missed church. Then just when I thought the worst was over, and could sit down for a few minutes, Tom called again and said that he needed me to follow him to Anderson. He was moving equipment from one farm to the other. Then I needed to run to the feed store for feed and other supplies, then return to pick him up and take him back to his dad's. Oh, then I was informed that I was making supper for them. That meant a trip back to town for groceries. The next thing I knew, it was time for me to do my feeding, and do the load of laundry that some how found its way into the laundry room, via our daughter with a note that said "I need these washed, I'm at Ben's". Wait a minute! It's 10:00 p.m., Sunday is nearly over, and I am still doing things for other people. When do I get my time?

My plan for Sunday was church, lunch with the grandkids (I was going to surprise them) stop by the feed store, then home to work in the flower garden, sit in the sun, read my book, do my evening chores and maybe go for a ride on my horse. Just a relaxing Sunday. What happened? The next thing I knew it was mid-night. Then the work week started all over. I miss the Sunday's that were spent with my little ones. (Their all grown now). I miss sitting on the porch swing. I miss just sitting and doing nothing for 30 minutes.

The Amish have the right plan. The veiw Sunday as the Lord's Day all day long. They even skip cooking chores on Sunday. They only do the most basic work, like feeding the livestock. They plan meals of cold cuts so no one has too cook. They go to worship, eat dinner and then spend the day visiting family and friends. Whay can't we do that? They work hard all week long. They have breakdowns. They have meetings to attend, and children. Where did we go wrong?
I have been more agressive about telling my family my Sunday plans. I'm the only one who attends church, and I'm going no matter what! Breakdowns and laundry will have to wait, at least until I get home from church. They are getting the choice of left overs or pizza for supper. I'm doing my chores, then I'm sitting and relaxing for the rest of the day. I even said all this out loud.
The only thing that has changed, is that I have been able to make it to church. I'm heading there in a few minutes. We are baling hay this afternoon. Moving the equipment to another farm, and I'm going up north to Marion to pick up my new puppy. Then it will be home for chores and pizza for supper. I still haven't gotten to slow down, but I'm still hopeful. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of these days we will get snowed in. On a Sunday.

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