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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just When You Think It's Safe....

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  • A couple of months ago I started loosing chickens. Not a lot at a time, but I would notice that every couple of days a few more hen's would go missing. This was not a good thing since I make light bill money from selling eggs.
    I sleep on the main floor of our two story, 95 year old farm house, but I rarely heard anything going on outside. Throughout the summer, I'm awakened now and then by an owl, raccoon, or opossum on the hunt for a plump hen. I'm a lite sleeper, so several of them have met their end. I'm a country girl, I have a my dad's 16 gauge shot gun and several other's, so if you mess with my hen's, you'll meet one of them.
    For more than a week in June, I had been waking up like a shot. The kind of awakening that sits you bolt up right in bed, but not knowing why your awake. I would go back to sleep after making a round through the house and looking out all the windows, only to see nothing and hear nothing out of the ordinary. But I would always go to bed with that uneasy feeling that something was up. I get up between 3 - 4 a.m. and start my day, so I see dawn nearly every day. One morning, after a fitful night of very little sleep, I saw the cause of my uneasiness. A loud commotion caught my attention. When I looked out the south kitchen window, there it was. A fox, trying to run off with a hen that was much too large for him to get in his mouth and run at the same time. The hen was squaking like crazy. I grabbed a gun and headed out the back door.
    Now, let me set the sceen for you. It's June. It's hot out, even in the very early morning. We don't have air conditioning. I sleep in an old yellow, cotton, granny gown. I have boots on, my glasses, and I'm toating a very large gun. As soon as I stepped outside I said a little prayer of thanks for the darkness. We live in the sticks, but people still drive by on their way to work in town. I was sure glad no one would see me. I did get a shot off at the fox. I only nicked him. He dropped the hen, and headed south. I was greatful that I at least knew what I was fighting now. I knew where he coming from so I could be on the look out for him in the nights to come. Well, just when I thought all was clear, I was exposed. I my milling around, the dawn had creeped up on me. There was just enough day light for me to be seen. I sort of picture me glowing in the dark in my yellow cotton gown. Just as I was headed back to the house I heard a noise. The noise of a honking truck horn. Yep, I'd been seen!
    I'm sure that the guy in the truck was now fully awake. He had to be giggling and wondering if he was dreaming. How many guys can go to work and say "you'll never believe what I saw this morning as I was driving to work". I just know that I was the topic of some good belly laughs at break time. Pitcure it. Your driving to work, thinking about your day, when you look across the field to see this grown women, yellow night gown, boots and shot gun. What would you think?
    I could have crawled under a rock. I couldn't believe someone saw me. I prayed that it wasn't any of our neighbor's and that it wasn't anyone I knew. I watch facebook and my emails all week for a comment about the gun toating granny. Thank goodness there were none.
    The fox met his end. It wasn't my hunting skills that got him in the end. It was a pickup truck. My son picked off the fox on his was past the woods a couple of days later. Dustin didn't even know about my adventure. The stupid fox ran out of the woods and ran into the path of my son's truck tire. I'm sure that now, each morning, the gentlemen who saw me out with my gun, looks east each morning as he drives by to catch a glimps of the gun toating granny in the yellow gown.

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