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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not in my Plans...

I don't know about most of you, but I can usually tell when something is about to happen, and it's not usually in my favor. I get this knot in the pit of stomach that tells me to be on guard. Well, I've had that feeling since this past Monday, December 5th.
I knew it wasn't my cousin I was worried about. I knew all my kids were safe, and the grandkids' were safe and well. I can't alwasy lay a finger on the problem, but I can sometimes tell who it will involve. I think this little feeling of ESP is God's way of preparing me for something I may not be ready for. I've been this way since I was very young, so I have learned to brace for the worst. I thought everything was going well down at the other farm with the building of the new barn, and Tom's dad wasn't on my mind, so that was in the clear. But why was I feeling so uneasy? Sometimes this feeling goes on for a few days before disaster strikes.
So, I made it through Monday, and nothing happened. Tuesday went off without a hitch, rainy, cold, but still a good day. Then Wednesday got here and the world came crashing down on me.
Our house is very old, and our landlord hired a man to replace the ceiling in my bedroom last summer, and put new wall board in the up stairs bathroom. He came and looked at the job in August, saying he would be here in a couple of weeks to do the work. August came and went, and no worker's. September came and went, and still no new ceiling, no new wall board. October came. We were busy in the field, and we had a fall gathering, and still no work had been done on the house. I was sure he would show up the same weekend we had our gathering, and things would be a mess. But, as luck would have it, no one showed up to do the repairs. When Tom went to pay our rent in October, our landlord asked how we liked the new ceiling, and having a new light in my room. Tom was a little stunned. He told Roseella that no one had been at our house to do any work. Rosella was upset to say the least. She told Tom that she had given Dennis Construction a check for half of the work up front, and that they had cashed the check back in August when the work was supposed to be done. Tom told her to call them, and then call her attorney. She did call the construction company, then called us to let us know that they would be here the first part of November, and they would give us 48 hours advanced notice before they came to do the work. Well, here is where my little knot in my stomach comes into play.
I was babysitting for the boy's, and we weren't having a good day. I'm behind on the crafts I need to make for the up coming Luminary Festival on Saturday. The boys are off of their schedule because their mom had surgery on Monday. I had the boys two day's that they weren't expected, and they were both cranky, and then the door bell rang. When I opened the door, there stood two men I've never seen before, telling me that they were here to fix the ceiling today. NOT! I informed them they were to give me 48 hours notice. After all, that's my bedroom and I need time to get my stuff moved out. This guy says "well we're today". I repeated a little louder, that they were not only four months late, but they were to give us 48 hours notice, and that they would not be able to work while I had the boys. This guy just stood there on the porch looking at me. Then he said the wrong thing. "Let me speak with your husband". Needless to say, I wasn't very christian like, but I did get my point across. When I called Tom and filled him in, the first word's out of his mouth were "is the guy still alive?"
Tom did come down to talk to them. The guy apologized, and they left. I still only won half the battle. They returned this morning at 8:00 a.m. to start the job. Tom called Rosella and found out that they were supposed to call us in advance, and that the call was to have been made last week. She thought by now the job would be done. So, now I'm stuck. My house that was going to get decorated for Christmas today, is now a mess. Everything from my room is in piled in the dinning room and the livingroom. My bed is now the couch, and I'm not happy. Yesterday they told Tom they would be done by Saturday. Now, this morning they said they are "shooting for Monday or Tuesday".
I guess the moral to the story is, "listen to that little voice or that knot in your stomach". It's usually right. Also, make sure your working with a company who truely cares about what they are being paid to do. I'm not sure how all of this will end. We don't have a dumpster for the old plaster. The constuction guys keep asking me question's that I know nothing about, and they keep calling their boss for advice on how to put up the new ceiling fan, and the wall board in the bathroom. I don't think they are very experienced. I will blog about the out come in my next post...hopefully before next Tuesday.

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